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Have you ever tried consolidating your press release distribution efforts online? consolidated press release distribution. (CoPR) will consolidate, organize and coordinate your both press release distribution and reporting across multiple PR distribution sites, channels, wire services and media outlets. By using CoPR, you'll have a single account for your entire PR campaign online, so you don't have to deal with an endless number of different PR packages, accounts, account reps, guidelines and procedures required by different PR distribution sites, channels, wire services and media outlets, which when combined can sometimes be quite confusing and time consuming to understand and deal with.

  • Consolidate - consolidate both the entire press release distribution process online as well as your PR distribution reporting into one single account to make it much easier for you to plan, organize, execute, and track the performance / results of your press release distribution campaigns online like never before.
  • Organize - receiving your PR material at CoPR, craft it out, insert hyperlinks, embed video, audio and multimedia files, add logo, images and photos, prepare keywords, tags, categories, attachments, spell and grammar checking is also applied, making sure the overall layout of the press release meets the different requirements across multiple PR sites, wire services and media outlets, and more;
  • Coordinate - coordinate the entire press release distribution process, from giving you the right tools to customize your very own consolidated PR campaign to manually submitting your ready made press release over multiple PR sites, wire services and media outlets, activating the right hyperlinks and keywords, as well as making sure all of their, quite different, guidelines, requirements and procedures are properly followed making the press release distribution online as smooth as possible;
  • Follow-up - Any follow up updates, changes, amendments, takedowns are carried out across multiple channels / newswires and taken care of by CoPR's editor.

The benefits of having your press release distributed over multiple PR distribution, wire and media services are without any doubt quite significant. Many PR firms, professionals and experts are successfully deploying multi-channel / multi-newswire PR campaigns for a long time now. Multi-channel / multi-newswire PR campaigns deliver the results that are crucial for either a massive PR campaign or a single press release announcement not only to reach out to its targeted recipients among hundreds of millions of people online, but to remain visible online for a longer period of time, be heard loudly, and also seen by wider audiences via multiple press release distribution / newswire services (PR Newswire, MarketWire, BusinessWire, PRWeb, PRLeap, 24-7 Press Release, 1888PressRelease, WebWire, I-Newswire, EPR Network, etc) and across different channels (Internet, Web, email, social media, mobile, blogosphere, real-time news, traditional media outlets, etc.), markets & industries (Healthcare, Retail, Financial, Automotive, Entertainment, Real Estate, etc.), and geographical areas (US, EU, Asia, California, Texas, New York, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong - Shenzhen, Mumbai, São Paulo, etc.)

The public Internet and the media space have both become cluttered with billions of pieces of information and are used by hundreds of millions of people at any given time, and having your PR message sent out by relying on a single newswire service and distribution channel is for a long time now known within the PR industry as a thing of the past.

Having your press release distributed over multiple PR distribution sites, channels, wire services and media outlets online by using a single account just got a whole lot easier. Consolidate your press release distribution online with

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